Monday, August 24, 2009

Save the Titans!

So...I haven't posted because I started two new blogs. I know, I was going to feature more artwork, but I've already featured to portraits of Raven on my Titans blog.

Speaking of that blog....

It's time to save the titans! Bring them back! Etc...

I started it last night, but if you love me (which you probably don't, but I love you anywho!) you will subscribe to it! If you love the titans (which you and I probably do), SUBSCRIBE TO IT! If you don't even like either...I have nothing to say to you.

And as for deviantart...I cheated. My signature now helps me get more views...*coughcough* I only do the pageviews so more people see my artwork! I have learned the secret for getting my artwork out to the world...Don't judge me! =P

Well...until next time!

Mini loves you even if you don't like her. ;)


I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've gotta prove 'em wrong
It's me against the world.

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